Wall Tent Wood Stoves

Wall Tent Wood Stoves

Ellis Manufacturing Company offers high-quality Wall Tent Wood Stoves to the customer in Chadron city. It is a handmade stove used for purposes like camping, backpacking, picnicking or any other location to ease cooking. It fulfills the requirement of the camp holders by producing an incredible amount of heat. This lightweight portable stove has brought by Butch Ellis, an employee of the US forest service. It is the best gift of Ellis Manufacturing for backpackers.

Wall Tent Wood Stoves are the best Portable Wood Stoves which helps the camp holders to heat the camp and prepare their meal with their own fir fuel. It saves them from fossil fuel expenditure. This is the sturdy and durable stove which produces a maximum amount of heat and takes a few seconds to set up and tear down. This rugged portable wall tent wood stove is extremely light in comparison of the fossil fuel tank. When some stoves take too much space as these are huge in size and unbreakable in their feature, this Ellis wall tent stoves are easy to broken down to the number of pieces making it easier to transport, when you are on the move. There is also not such kind of bolts and nuts to assemble the stove. Though this Ellis stove is the smallest one among other portable stoves, the size of the stove does not affect its capability to produce an ample amount of heat for a wall tent.

These Ellis Wall Tent Wood Stoves usually consist of a rigid metal closed firebox with firebrick lining. As air control is also fitted in the stove it helps the stove to keep burning in the outside of the camp also. The smokes arising from the fire exit through the chimney. Wood is one of the best fuels of the stove by which it can easily use in the camp. The two sides the stove folds in like an accordion allowing the top to rest on the bottom of the stove. The legs folds as the front and back of the stove are being folded.

This Ellis stove is hand built stove, which offers 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects from its purchasing date with the 1-year unconditional return policy. Ellis manufacturing will repair or replace any stove found to be defective under normal use during this warranty period. This includes, but is not limited to broken legs, bottom burnout, unusual warping of stove box, and broken hinges. Ellis manufacturing will pay for return shipping of repaired stoves. Except that during the first year of ownership if at any time if the customer feels that the product is not performing their expectations, they can return the product for a full refund of the purchase price excluding shipping charges. As Ellis manufacturing company is providing worldwide shipping facility, shipping fees are calculated based upon destination.


Ellis manufacturing provides a convenient experience for others by assisting people to study about top features an industry best trends. This portable lightweight wood stove kit comes with everything you need to heat the wall tent. Browse our website for more details https://ellisstove.com

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